Mary Magdalene – If I ruled the world

MagdaleneHomily for the feast of S. Mary Magdalene July 22nd.

There’s a religious brother I know who wanders around his monastery singing ‘If I ruled the world’  (he finds some of his brethren a trial). Continue reading Mary Magdalene – If I ruled the world


Light, Spirit, Love -Feast of the Holy Trinity

Last week, Bishop Michael Curry told an audience of over a billion people that Love is powerful, redemptive, and the meaning of our existence. The reason why that’s true and not just a pretty thing to say is because God, the source of all being, has revealed himself and named Himself as Love, as Trinity, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Ely Soul

20160520_134306-1 Rublev, Icon of the Holy Trinity

Friends, brothers, sisters, comrades, just by being here, together this morning, you are blessing yourselves.

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Feast of the Ascension: Check your mirror

Ely Soul

Homily preached on the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord, Thursday 14th of May 2015

It’s a long way off but inside it

There are quite different things going on:

Festivals at which the poor man Is king

and the consumptive is Healed;

Mirrors in which the blind look at themselves

and love looks at them Back;

and industry is for mending

The bent bones and the minds fractured by life.

It’s a long way off, but to get there

takes no time

and admission is free.

The Kingdom, R S Thomas

A year into his priesthood and, I’m afraid to say, I still have to say to Chris, before Mass begins: ‘Mirror, Father! Mirror check!’

Do not leave the vestry before your mirror check! Make sure your vestments are aligned. Somebody once said to me, ‘I couldn’t listen to a word you said. You were all lopsided’.


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