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Ely Soul

‘I grew up kissing bread and books’  Salman Rushide


A homily for Bible Sunday

I’m holding in my hand something little,

and that’s falling falling apart.

It’s small, fragile, and the pages don’t all hold together

but it’s the reason I’m standing here, today.

I was given this Gideon’s New Testament when I went to secondary school.  For a long time, it just stayed by the side of my bed.  Sometimes, if I felt scared of the dark, or worried, I’d instinctively hold it.

It happened

one evening, when I found myself opening it, out of curiosity.    I was reading the story in Matthew’s gospel of Jesus walking beside the sea of Galilee.   All the passage says is that Jesus walks up to two fisherman, Simon Peter and Andrew, and just says, ‘Come and follow me’.

I can’t explain why, but I was overwhelmed by the deep sense that I…

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Humility’s Way

Re-post (for Trinity 21, 2018, Mark 10: 35-45) “It’s your humility, Macarius. Against your humility, I am powerless”

Ely Soul

Homily for Trinity 20, October 18th, 2015

Flower through Asphalt, Per Ola Wilberg Flower through Asphalt, Per Ola Wilberg

Last week it was a great joy to add Megan to our altar serving team at S. David’s.   Just a few weeks before, Jacob joined us too.  There’s still room for more in our altar serving crew, especially at S. Timothy’s….

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