Playing to win

Ely Soul

20160916_164532_hdr-1Homily for 25th Sunday in ordinarty time, year C , Luke 16: 1-13, The Parable of the Dishonest Steward.

I wonder if the names Don or Betty Draper mean anything to you?  

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Like a poor woman searching

Ely Soul

lost-coins-la-drachme-perdue-james-tissot La Drachme Perdue, James Tissot, The Brooklyn Museum

Homily for 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Luke 15: 1-10

‘As a small boy I have an image of my mother, standing frozen, while tears start falling slowly down her cheeks.   A sixpence has been lost … you do not easily forget’.   Richard Hoggart 

We think it was part of her crown – maybe the only beautiful thing she possessed. 

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